From a near-death experience to building a successful music empire, you could say I’ve had one hell of a journey – and I’m only just getting started. I’d describe my sound as deeply personal, dark and alternative heavy rock. My music is my oasis, my superpower: it’s where I get to truly express myself without holding back. I love to bring people together through music and sharing unique stories that they can relate to — so I hope you love my new album, ‘Black Swan’, and I hope you connect with my sound.

I’ve been a singer-songwriter since I was 13. I was a creative kid, quiet, with a head full of music. My teen years were difficult to say the least. I’ve been through every shade of grief, loss, pain, and financial debt imaginable. It took a harrowing near-death experience that should have left me physically paralysed to finally follow my inner call to pursue music.

Even though I was surviving on pennies and running up credit cards, I threw myself in the deep end, gigging around London and going back to college to study music. I began putting bands together, performing in and managing them, but in the end, I was the only member left standing. I did, however, end up winning an award at Access Creative for Outstanding Student of The Year at the ATM Awards Ceremony at BAFTA. The recognition was a huge honour.

Anything I’ve ever wanted to do, I’ve had to achieve myself. But despite the odds, now it’s 2022 and I’ve got two new albums, 3 upcoming projects, and a successful music teaching business under my belt  (I’m nurturing a future generation of rockstars – who says kids can’t have a rockstar education?!).

Bands that have influenced my music include Disturbed, Alice in Chains, Guns and Roses, Pantera and AC/DC to name a few. Growing up, I was all about Madonna, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey. These days, when I’m not recording or teaching, I’m driving around to Classical FM and switching off to healing yoga frequency sounds. Keeps me calm, creative, and stress-free.

Now, go listen to my music!